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At Skinner curbing we combine competitive rates with top notch quality. For 20 years we have been installing lawn curbing for a beautiful look and ease of maintenance.

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Landscape Curbing in Utah

Since 1995 Skinner Curbing has installed over a million feet of decorative curbing! And we’d like to add to that figure by providing your lawn with durable, affordable, and beautiful concrete curbing. Our experienced and dedicated staff takes every job seriously, because we understand that your yard is important to you.

We do over the phone estimates! Call and we will give you a price per foot estimate for your specific curbing needs. We have a variety of styles from mower styles to slope to curb style edgings. With many colors to choose from you can customize the project to accurately match your home and yard. We also accept credit cards!

Don't let the difference of $65-150 keep you from getting a quality, professional curbing job on your property. Is the risk really worth it? We have a proven track record from Ogden to Provo. So give us a call and we can get started.


Call For Free Quotes. Discounts May Apply!

Mower Style: $2.75 per foot

Slope Style $2.75 per foot

Curb Style $3.25 per foot

Color Pricing. Color is $1 to $1.75 a foot depnding on the amount of dye needed. Please see chart below.

Stamped Pattern Pricing. Stamping is included for free with color upgrade! Without a color upgrade it is $.50 a foot.

If existing grass needs to be removed, we charge $0.10 per foot for sod cutting. Because our prices are so low we have a 100 foot minimum on all jobs. Neighbors can combine footage!

Customization Options

Stamped Patterns


Castle Rock

London Cobble

Natural Stone


Wood Grain

Color Prices

color options

Subtle Color Group $1 per foot.

Standard Color Group $1.25 per foot.

Premium Color Group $1.50 per foot.

Ultra Premium Color Group $1.75 per foot.

*We purchase our color from Concrete Color and Design located at 9587 S. 500 W. Sandy, UT. If you visit their store they will provide you with the color chart that you can take home to aid you in your color decision.

Before Choosing a Lawn Curbing Company, Consider the Following

  • Does the company have considerable lawn curbing experience?

  • Are the installations performed by the owner or just some guys that the company replaces every year?
    It doesn't matter if the company has been around for 10 years if the installers are doing it for their first season.

  • Is the company licensed, carry worker's compensation on its' employees, have liability insurance?
    I know a lot of companies that do not like the added expense in utilizing the above services. If you hire one of these companies you are putting yourself at risk. Having one of their employees injured on your property could result in huge out-of-pocket expenses from your household.

  • Does the company use the proper materials in the curbing mix?
    Washed concrete sand, portland cement, air-entrainment additive, fiber-mesh and properly spaced control joints are all integral components in the curb recipe. Utah's fall and spring weather conditions create numerous freeze/thaw cycles, causing the ground to lift and settle. Every practical means possible should be taken to prevent or to control cracking during these conditions.

  • Does the company back up their work?
    Are they going to be around to fix any problems that may arise or are they charging such low prices that they will not be able to afford to stay in business?

    The average linear footage of a typical curbing project is 250 feet. The difference in prices for a professional curber and one who is out cutting corners is 25-50 cents per foot.